My name is Kai Cheng. This website is my personal blog about ETF.

I write because I have enthusiastic interest in ETF. For me ETF is not only an investment product wrap format, but also it provides an amazing platform to observe the investment industry’s exciting innovation and evolution. It reflects up-to-date investment ideas and market availability. I have tremendous curiosity and just love it.

I am not making a living with this blog or its contents. It is just a record of my learning of ETFs and portfolio management.

I am not an advisor so I don’t provide any investment advice. Opinions in my blog articles are not supposed to be regarded as investment advice.

I am not a financial news reporter so my writing style does not follow classic story-telling rules. I read, digest, and produce some personal thoughts. I can also been called a ETF market commentator.

I will always disclose the source if I quote information from somewhere else or some other peopole. If it happens someone has claim of copyright for any content I quoted, please let me know.

More information about me can be found by my Linkedin profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kai-cheng-19981777.