Fintech Toronto Event

Today I participated the Fintech Toronto event at downtown Toronto. This is the first time I join this kind of event. It was mind-openning, fun, and inspiring. I guess there are about 150 or more people attended this event.

FintechTo Event

The event featured 3 speakers from 3 Fintech companies: FinanceIt, Honk, and OANDA. All of the 3 speakers’ sharing are facinating.

FinanceIt is a consumer finance comany, focused on home renovating loans. The company originally started from 2007. Along the way, they have tried many market niches, overcame all kinds of unexpected obstacles. Theire story let me know start-up is never easy.

Honk provides solutions for drivers who want to find an ideal parking spot. This is really a big issue each time when I am going to downtown Toronto. The Honk app can even offer discounts. Drivers can pay on cell phone. Definiate I will try it the next time. Michael, the enterpreneur who created this start-up company, has successfully created, operated and sold his first company. What I learned from Michael is, good business model means you can solve a problem for people. First of all, you should find out where the problem is.

OANDA is an online forex trading platform. Although I don’t use OANDA’s platform(I use IB), I have known it for a while. The company’s founder, another Michael, compares starting up a business and work for a bank. The former only suitable for those who have enterpreneurship, vision, and hard working. If your goal is to make big money, you’d better go to work in a bank, this is his advice.

Will I start up a business someday? Maybe! It has never been on my option list, but why not?











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