CSTA Annual General Meeting Takeaways

Today I attended the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA) 30th general meeting at Sheraton Toronto. This is a great event that I got the opportunities to meet masters and practitioners of technical analysis, listened to their thoughtful sharings. It happened that I was sitting next to Mr. Ron Meisels, the founder and first President of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA). I also talked to Mr. Larry Berman, he won the most awards today due to his distinguished contribution to the technical analysis in Canada.

A few takeaways from the event:


1, Technical analysis can explain something fundamental analysis cannot. This is true becasue fundamentals will not change as frequent as prices. If you can master both, you will be able to understand market behaviors more convincingly.

2, CFA + CMT. Mr. Larry Berman says, CFA helps you to get the job, CMT helps you keep the job. I totally agree with his point that a designation of technical analysis will sharpen your skills and boost your career.

3, Technology development make it possible for more people to utilize technical analysis. 20 years ago, due to technology limitation, general public don’t have the  convenient access to technical analysis. Today we have high speed internet, real-time data of global exhanges, customized screening tools, high performance computers can produce any technical analysis as you want. Sophisticated trading platforms now are available to common individual investors. All of these will make technical analysis more prosperous in the coming years!

4, Technical analysis is not only technics, but also arts. With the same chart, different technician may get different conclusions. You still need experience and intuiton to your final decisions.

5, Success comes from hard working. Success doesn’t come by chance. Many successful technical anaysts I meet today, they worked in the field for decades, from 6:00am to 12:00pm day after day. This let me recall a principle of 10,000 hours. If you want to be a specialist in any field, you need at least 10,000 hours deliberate practice.



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